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TomTom Licensing

Avenida de la Vega 1
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Company Profile:
Licensing is the Business Unit which mission is to offer to third parties all the products, contents and services (IP) created within the TomTom Group. Our product and services portfolio is composed by Maps, and any additional layer that can be overlayed as an enhancement products like 2D, 3D city models, MDT, POIs, Postal Codes and Admin Areas and more.
Additionally, we have a range of products and services specific for traffic, both historical & real time.

TomTom Licensing Product and Services Portfolio

What we offer:
The Licensing business unit leverages our wealth of content across the group in order to deliver relevant, fresh and high-quality digital maps, and content, to a wide range of customers, including governments and enterprises.
Our product range includes the world's most comprehensive automotive-grade digital maps covering over 100 countries and territories, enhancements products (additional map layers) like POIs, 2D, 3D City Maps, Logistics attributes, Postal Codes, DEM and more, as well as services such as Speed Profiles and our real-time traffic service HD Traffic.

What we are looking for:
We look for any partner/integrator, government or enterprise who needs maps, enhancements contents and all the other traffic services included in our portfolio, in order to make them build solutions that are more competitive in an expanding and rapidly changing market, and address the unique requirements of different kind of defense solutions.

  • Mando, control, comunicaciones, inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento
  • Control de fronteras e infraestructuras críticas
  • Logística, ingeniería y externalización de servicios
  • Sanidad, NRBQ, sistemas y equipos de protección civil
  • Ingeniería y consultoría


Mr Giuseppe Noto

Account Manager

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