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eyevis visual solutions S.L.

C/ Serrano 19, 3º Dcha
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Company Profile:
Eyevis Visual Solutions S.L. is a subsidiary of Eyevis GmbH who is a high tech visual solutions manufacturer with factory in Reutlingen -Germany and NATO certified. .

From Madrid we attend to all our partners/system integrators in Spain, Portugal, and LatinAmerica,

Eyevis is oriented to high end visual solutions: 24 hours/day Command and Control Centers, high brigness displays,nsuper high resolution monitors, on board monitors, touch screen tables, projection system for simulation,.


What we offer:
eyevis is a german manufacturer that develop high end visual solutions: command and control videowall, largue screen, high brigness displays and ultra hig resolutions 4096x4096 monitors, touch tables, projection systems for simulation, computer and video streaming transmision

eyevis is a NATO certified manufacturer and is expertise in all type of visual solutions for tactical, estrategical, on-board and battle field applications.

Eyevis is a long time provider and a very recognize visual manufacturer specially for realibility, high features and competitive prices.

Our solutions are oriented to defense organisms, Air forces, Navy, Army , emergencies call centers, and police, security access control, border contreol and industrial sectors.

What we are looking for:
eyevis is looking for partners and Large System Integrators in Spain, Portugal, LatinAmerica, Angola, Cabo Verde and Mozambique.

  • Mando, control, comunicaciones, inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento
  • Control de fronteras e infraestructuras críticas
  • Adiestramiento y simulación


Mr Eng. Jaime Villena

C.E.O. Iberia and LatAm

Mr Ricart Balaguer

Key account Spain-Colombia-Ecuador

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