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Bcb Informática y Control, S.L.

Fernando el Católico, 11 2ºB
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Company Profile:
1. Facilities in Madrid.
2. SME. SW engineering with HW integration (sensors, data adquisition, Automatic Test Equipments, machine vision, thermography, 3D vision, TOF cameras, Augmented Reality (AR), sensor fusion...)
3. Industrial sectors (automotive, thermosolar, etc.) and R&D projects (5PM, 7PM, CENIT, AVANZA2). Our interests in Defense are humanitarian land mining clearance using active&passive thermography and stopping non-cooperative vehicles with microwaves.
Founded in 1996.

SW development with HW integration

What we offer:
BCB is a Spanish engineering SME founded in Madrid in 1996, specialized in system integration in the fields of communications, automatic test equipments (ATEs), machine vision, industrial automation, instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

Our skills are machine vision with real-time and off-line image processing (with FPGA or DSPs) using 3D (laser, TOF, photogrametry, stereoscopy, etc), hyperspectral & very high resolution cameras, thermography (NIR, SWIR & LWIR), high speed (syncronization with external events), IR&visible sensorial fusion. Also digital&analog data acquisition, communication protocol development& sensor integration (PLC& SCADAs).

Also, BCB has worked in R&D European (FP5 and FP7) and spanish projects (CENIT, Avanza2, etc).

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners for European and national projects.

  • Plataformas terrestres, navales, aeroespaciales, no tripuladas y robótica
  • Mando, control, comunicaciones, inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento
  • Sensores, óptica y electro-óptica
  • Ingeniería y consultoría


Mr Engineer Javier Bezares del Cueto


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