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jose echegary 8 Edificio 3 Oficina 8
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Las Rozas. Madrid

Company Profile:
Micromag is a Spanish R&D company completely focused in Radar Absorbent Coatings that has been approved in Us, France and Spain.

Our technology dramatically reduces the Radar Cross Section of any element it is applied to, vessels, planes, ballistics and surface vehicles.

Radar Absorbent Coatings

What we offer:
Micromag technology is based on metallic fibers that can be embedded in different substrates, as coatings, and then, applied to reduce the radar cross section of any Defense Platform; Ships, Planes, Submarines and Ballistics..
In naval environment, competition usually provides ferromagnetic tiles which can be applied only in certain areas, add-on weight is high (kg) and suffer from degradation not being effective enough.
Micromag solution is an extremely high performance (99% attenuation), adds-on low weight (grams) and is an easy to apply technology that allows complete application in the platform. Additionally it does not impact the lifecycle of the substrate in which is embedded (i.e. coatings) and does not suffer degradation.

What we are looking for:
We are in the process of looking for partners in International Markets that boost our commercialization capabilities.

  • Plataformas terrestres, navales, aeroespaciales, no tripuladas y robótica
  • Mando, control, comunicaciones, inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento
  • Control de fronteras e infraestructuras críticas


Mr Santiago Alvarez de Cienfuegos

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