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c/Mayor s/n La Almunia de Doña Godina
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La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza)

Company Profile:
The Group for Instrumentation and Modeling Applied (GIMA) located in the Almunia of Doña Godina Engineering technical College (EUPLA), is an consolidated research Group of the University of Zaragoza, which has been recognized by Government of Aragon. Just as we understand from our research Group, Electronic Instrumentation and Modeling comprises from the measure of multiple variables with the most modern technologies, until the interpretation of the data obtained with the measures done.

Descriptive title - Engineer

What we offer:
• Energy (Wind Turbines, Hydrogen): The Energy Sector is a strategic sector of great transcendence by the impact that at the level of costs and stability of the external balance and the effect so important that has to level environmental. Within this sector is working with Gamesa in monitoring of wind turbines and maintenance of machines and with the Foundation of Hydrogen of Aragon, in the development of a car powered by hydrogen.

• AEROSPACE In the aerospace industry is working in the characterization of tests of pyrotechnic shock in the separation of stages in shuttles, with the testing of deployment of antennas and in development of the instrumentation for signals from impulse. We are working In Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) projects in aerospace applications. It also makes material tests and quality controls in our laboratory certified by EADS-CASA-Space.

• MARITIME Shipping. It were the beginning of the group. We have participated in the last three America's Cup. The group has developed the navigation system more powerful of the world. In the last America's Cup celebrated in Valencia six teams were using our navigation system (Racing Bravo), among them, the winning team of the AC 2008 Alinghi.

• BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION: In biomedical instrumentation GIMA has worked in the development of prostheses to measure and improve the process of consolidation bone. Also in the design and manufacture of bioreactors.

• MOTORSPORTS: Although our curriculum is very broad, we have to cite finally the automobile sector. In addition to the design and manufacture of a car powered by hydrogen we have done the monitoring of racing cars and the stage to fine tune making the car in the pits stop.

What we are looking for:
We would be interested to be in touch with companys and institutions, where we could collaborate in the following topics:
• Sensors and signal conditioning
• Distributed systems of high performance data acquiring
• Intelligent Monitoring of the state of Complex Systems
• Mechatronics, Materials and Testing
• Modeling.

  • Sensores, óptica y electro-óptica


Mr Engineer Antonio Mª José Ortega Tello

Electronic Instrumentation

Mr Engineer Fernando Quero Sanz


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