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Tecnatom, S. A.

Av. Montes de Oca, 1
ZIP Code
San Sebastián de los Reyes

Company Profile:
Tecnatom is an engineering company that has provided services to the nuclear industry. The company’s main activity centers on the rendering of inspection and component structural integrity services, the training of operations personnel by means of full-scope simulators and engineering in support of plant operation.

Tecnatom, S. A.

What we are looking for:
THE TRAINING SERVICES include the following:
-Organization of Training Centers
-Drawing up of Training Manuals and Design of Training Profiles
-Development of Advanced Teaching -Resources (Simulators, Virtual Reality, etc.)
-Delivery of Complete Training Plans
-On-line Training

Tecnatom has a Personal Dosimetry Service which consists of two Mobile Units equipped with various corporal radioactivity counters (CRC) for circumstances of radiological accidents or emergencies.

Tecnatom has developed technology for the design and manufacturing of robot-controlled equipment for inspections based on non-destructive testing methods, initially in the nuclear field and subsequently extended to include other industrial sectors such as aeronautics.

  • Plataformas terrestres, navales, aeroespaciales, no tripuladas y robótica
  • Logística, ingeniería y externalización de servicios
  • Sanidad, NRBQ, sistemas y equipos de protección civil
  • Adiestramiento y simulación
  • Ingeniería y consultoría


Mr José Román Fernández Míguez

Director of Technology CTO

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