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C/ Albert Einstein, 29
ZIP Code
MIñano Menor (Álava)

Company Profile:
IDEC is a Spanish company located in the Basque Country (Parque Tecnológico de Álava) which has been developing applications in advanced composites for different industrial sectors over the last thirteen years. In this line the company works in different research and development areas, but also in series production for different industrial sectors.
IDEC is an engineering company dealing with applications in new materials. IDEC relies on a number of professionals widely experienced in the composite field.
IDEC leads developments of new materials applications, taking advantage of the higher properties that these materials offer.
The main capabilities of IDEC are as follows :
- Design and calculations of composite parts.
- Design, manufacturing and try-out for tooling.
- Manufacturing and set-up of prototypes.
- Manufacturing of pre-series and small/medium range series.
IDEC is capable to carry out the design of parts from the structural conception up to the solutions for integration or for series production.
IDEC also offers the manufacturing of prototypes and series for composite parts.
IDEC is involving in a lot of projects and programs of aerospace and defence sectors worldwide.

Applications in advanced composites solutions.

What we offer:
IDEC is offering engineering and manufacturing solutions for structures in advanced composites technologies.
These are focused on new applications for platforms (vehicles) and also for protective solutions (light armouring).
The main advantages are the reduction of weight, the higher performance and the lower cost derived for the high integration capability of these tecnologies.

What we are looking for:
IDEC is looking for clients integrators of advanced plaftorms for both aerospace, ground and ship vehicles (OEMs), who are looking for new solutions to improve their current of future products.
IDEC solutions can be applied to advanced structures and light protective devices.

  • Plataformas terrestres, navales, aeroespaciales, no tripuladas y robótica


Mr Mr. José Luis León

General Manager

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